Early Years
Grade 12 Graduating Band Class
Grade 12 Graduating Band Class
Humber College
The Playing Years
River City Big Band
Craig Brenan Big Band
Inside Track
Various Playing Shots
Grade 7 Band (me on the far left)
River City Big Band featuring Jens and I
Duet with Gareth at his High School Grad
Gig with Gareth at Cha Island
Piano Recital Grade 8
Grade 12 Trumpet Recital
Grade 12 Big Band
(That's Jens Lindeman next to me in the back row!)
Grade 12 Jazz Combo
MacEwan Big Band
Humber College
Goofy jackets on a gig at the Citadel with the Don Berner Big Band
Carnegie Hall
Various Composition Shots
with Violet Archer and Krista
with Malcolm Forsyth
At the premiere of "For 250 Years" in Darvel, Scotland
with Gavin Bryars
with Jens and Pat Sheridan
with Jens and Larry Knop in Whiterock BC
after premiere of DOTM I - Jim Campbell,
Freddie Budda and Bruce Hangen
WCMA's with Ray Baril and Dean McNeill
workshop for Hannaraptor
Premiere of Three Faces of Ebony
First rehearsal of Kalla
Premiere of Trumpet Concerto, Edmonton
WASBE, San Jose
conducting final cue at NYU
Film Scoring  Workshop

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