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Concerto for Accordion and String Orchestra
Accordion Concerto - Mvt I - Wind Machine
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Accordion Concerto - Mvt II - Krista Marie
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Accordion Concerto - Mvt III - Rumba Rondo
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Instrumentation: Solo Accordion and Strings
Length: 18'57"
Composition Date: 2010
Commissioned: N. Antonio Peruch
Program Notes

This work was originally written in 2004 as a concerto for accordion and string quartet. Due to a variety of reasons the work was never premiered until March of 2010 when Antonio Peruch got the opportunity to perform and record it with the Camerata Romeau, a fantastic string orchestra from Havana, Cuba.


The piece is in the standard 3-movement form with each movement exploring a different facet of the accordion. Movement one is titled Wind Machine which refers to the nature by which the instrument makes sound and its ability to play very fast single note runs. The movement begins with a triplet figure that highlights the bellows effects that can be produced by the accordion alternating with very fast scales showcasing Antonio’s virtuosity. Movement two is titled Krista Marie (my wife’s first and middle names). This movement explores the melodic side of the instrument made most famous by the compositions of Astor Piazolla. Movement three is titled Rumba Ronda. The rhythmic feel is the Latin rumba and the form is the rondo.

Score Excerpts

Mvt I     Mvt II    Mvt III
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